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Just published. . . PHOTOGRAPHY, LIFE, and the OPPOSITES
"Anyone who likes photography, from young amateur to seasoned professional, will love this book."Library Journal

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"It is clear that Len Bernstein is a connoisseur of human gesture and expression."
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An Approach to Art and Life Based on the Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel

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Welcome to my website . . .

My name is Len Bernstein,
and when I began to photograph almost 40 years ago, I felt I found a way of expressing myself that met something so deep inside me that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Walking with my camera, the city streets seemed transformed--friendlier, more interesting--and I spent hours searching for dramatic situations, trying to capture the right moment. Looking through the viewfinder, what I saw had new value for me, boredom and loneliness seemed to vanish, and I wished I could feel that way all the time. And hoping to learn what made a photograph successful, I avidly studied the history and technique of photography. 

My hopes were met when I first heard this principle stated by Eli Siegel, the American critic and founder of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism: “All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.” I've had the thrill of testing this principle in thousands of instances, from the first known photograph taken by Nicéphore Niépce around 1826 to the most modern work of today. It explains what makes a photograph good and how our personal questions are the questions of art--dignified and cultural!

I encourage you to click on the links below, which include an introduction to my new book, Photography, Life, and the Opposites. You will learn more about the magnificent education that explains the deep, practical relation between art and how we hope to see the world we are meeting every moment of every day.

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“The purpose of photography,” Eli Siegel explained, “is to create an emotion about the world through what has been carefully seen and selected.” I have learned that emotion has to do with every technical choice photographers make—from deciding what to include and exclude in the viewfinder, to selecting a moment that we hope conveys eternal meaning.

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EMOTION — in BLACK & WHITE and COLOR published in Journal of the Print World.

An Exhibition with Comment featuring the work of three photographers who have seen the enormous value of Aesthetic Realism for art and for life.

Review in Journal of the Print World

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Len Bernstein: Photography beyond the surface

A new full page feature article in
Sullivan County Democrat

Photography, Life, and the Opposites
a workshop at Sullivan County Community College
published in Sullivan County Democrat

Gazing into the Mystery of Photography
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